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Contraceptive Options. The very words seem like an anomaly in today's world, as millions of women take hormonal contraception for virtually their entire reproductive lives without ever thinking of the possible repercussions or various alternative options that might be available.



The very fact that you are researching this topic shows you are a forward thinking consumer who is looking for information. If you were pushed in this direction, whether it was because of uncomfortable side effects of hormones, environmental concerns, religious beliefs, or long term health benefits or avoiding synthetic hormones, you can feel secure that you will find the perfect non-hormonal contraceptive option for you.



No two women are alike, and no one type of contraception, natural or not, will ever be perfect for everyone. Within the natural contraceptive realm, there are a number of choices for your birth control needs. Barrier contraceptive, various methods of fertility awareness or natural family planning, manual or digital fertility tracking - each system has it's unique pros and cons. So take some time to journey through as you learn about your contraceptive options.



Health And Environmental Concerns

Hormonal contraceptives and the pill

Since hormonal contraception was first introduced in the 1960's it has become far and away the most popular form of birth control. It gives a woman control over her fertility and is easy to use. And many times, the pill is a necessary form of birth control.


However, the side effects of hormonal contraception are not often talked about, but extremely significant. Learn about the carcinogenic effect of hormones and hormonal contamination to our environment and other long lasting effects.


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Men Find Hormone-Free Women More Attractive

attract men naturally by going non-hormonal

There are obvious health benefits, clear environmental benefits, but here's on benefit you probably did not expect when you choose to start using natural contraception instead of hormones. Men find women who are not using hormones to be more attractive. How's that for a nice bonus!


Of course, we don't believe this is THE reason to make the switch to non hormonal birth control, but nonetheless it is an interesting phenomenon.


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The All New FemCap Cervical Cap

FemCap starter pack

The FemCap cervical cap is the premier barrier contraceptive on the market today. Barrier contraceptives are experiencing a revival as couples learn about the benefits of going non-hormonal and are seeking a safe, natural, easy to use, and effective contraceptive option.


FemCap is a 100% natural, vegan-friendly form of reversible contraception. It is hormone and latex free and has been in production for over 10 years. It was designed to improve on diaphragms that are larger and intimidating to insert and condoms that interrupt the flow of the sexual experience and can break or tear.


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The Diaphragm: A Barrier Contraceptive

Buy milex diaphragm for barrier contraception

Many women who are seeking a natural form of birth control choose a diaphragm, to use either as their sole contraceptive method or to use in conjunction with Natural Family Planning where the diaphragm will only need during the short fertility window.


A diaphragm is a latex or silicone cup with a firm flexible rim and shallow dome that is inserted within the vaginal canal to block sperm from entering the cervix. Spermicide is applied to the outer surface of the diaphragm in order to stop sperm from creeping in through the sides.


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ContraGel: A Natural Spermicide Alternative

ContraGel natural spermicide

ContraGel is the all-natural, vegan, safe and effective spermicide alternitive that is taking the barrier contraceptive world by storm. It is a gel-like substance that forms a tight seal around the contraceptive device giving it that critical boost of reliability.


Because it is made with 100% natural ingredients, ContraGel Green reduces the risk and occurrence of many adverse reactions which are synonymous with chemically packed spermicides, in particular those containing Nonoxynol-9.


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The Symptothermal Method Of Fertility Charting

natural family planning and fertility

The Symptothermal method is an astonishing 99% reliable way of identifying the fertility window. Based on both Basel Body Temperature (BBT) and an additional indicator, this is the most accurate method available for charting fertility. Once you know your fertility window, you can choose how you want to avoid conception during those few days, either using a barrier of contraception method or abstain from intercourse altogether.


While some women enjoy the hands on approach of creating their own pen and paper chats, many today are turning towards contraceptive monitors such as Cyclotest 2 Plus that do all the hard work for you. This simple device will make your Natural Family Planning experience both effortless, and effective.


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Natural Birth Control Made Easy With Contraceptive Monitors

cyclotest fertility monitor

Deciding to embark on a journey towards hormone free birth control is a liberating decision, but it may also seem like a lot of work you don't really have time for. Taking your temperature each morning and creating, maintaining, and most importantly understanding a chart can be overwhelming. Don't worry - you're not alone!


Contraceptive Monitors such as Cyclotest take all the hard work out of Natural Family Planing. With Cyclotest, all you have to do is take your temperature from an integrated thermometer on your handheld device and a clear chart, with your complete fertility story, will instantly appear. Brilliant!


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